In today’s fast paced time of high-tech gadgets and innovation, the present generation idea of games is limited to PlayStation and Xboxes. These games definitely provide value entertainment but it is somewhat not possible to sharpen your intelligence by those games. Yes it is possible the game that fits the saying of learning while fun in chess. Chess goes as far back as 1500 years ago. Where chess originated is somewhat still a mystery. It is said to be originated either from India or China. Chess has developed over time into what it looks like now.

Chess was taken up by Muslim world and was most commonly known as “Shatranj”. The modern chess board is a board with white and black blocks on it and thirty two chess pieces. The pieces include one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and eight pawns. There are certain laws or rules that apply to this game. Each player has sixteen pieces and each player gets one colored pieces.

The players keep making moves until they either of them checkmates. The player wins when the king is checkmated. The game of chess includes long hard thinking and decision making on how to move your pieces to reach the goal. This is the part where your intelligence kicks in, chess is proven to increase the IQ level of a person by a considerable level.

According to one study, the normal people only use the left hemisphere of the brain whereas when the brain activity of chess experts was monitored, they were noticed to be using both the hemispheres of the brain i.e. left and right which proves that playing chess does improve and increases brain activity.


Thus making you smarter. In kids, chess has been noticed to improve the critical, analytical skills and also the visualization skills. According to another study, chess also has been noticed to boost emotional control and social skills. Through the game of chess, a lot of people get together as there a lot of chess clubs where chess experts play thus increasing your psycho-social skills.


The king is the most important piece of the game like a king is the most important in a kingdom. If your king is captured or in other words if your king is checkmated you lose the game.

The next is the Bishop which is a representation of church and religion and this piece can only be moved diagonally. The bishop is placed on any side of either the king or queen.

Knight Piece is the piece with a horse’s head. As knights used to ride horses in previous times hence a horse’s head is used to denote the knight piece in a game of chess. The knight pieces are only allowed to move in L –shape.

Rook piece which is also often referred to as a Tower or a Castle is there to safeguard the kings, queens, bishops and knights. The rook represents the walls and boundaries of the castle.

The queen is as the name suggests the representation of herself, the queen. She is the most favorite piece of many chess players as like all women queen does what she wants to. She has the liberty to move as many spaces as she wants and any way she wants.

There are more number of pawns on a chessboard as any other piece as pawn denote the peasants who stand front in line. The peasants were very poor and had to pay a certain amount to live I the kingdom as they stand upfront.


Chess also helps in improving emotional control as you have to be collectively calm and cool during the games and carefully analyze your every piece before making your move which overall contributes towards your emotional control. Chess also makes you compliant in a way as there are strict rules you need to follow while playing or you forfeit the games. The following are the rules of chess:

1 – You can only move the piece by your one hand and once moved, you cannot retract your move unless it is an illegal move.


2 – If a player touches the piece with the intention of moving it but later decides against it, then he must move the piece he first touched if there is any allowed move available.


3 – Some of the chess games are timed and some are not. However the chess tournaments are played under a time limit. There is a limited time limit for every player to make his move and he must make the move within that provided limit.


is often said that Chess is a Gentleman’s game. Let us shed some light on why so. When in different sports, players jump around and have the liberty to celebrate, chess stands out. When it comes to chess, a certain behavior is expected from both the players. The players must shake hands before the play starts. During the games, the players must not speak to one another except for to forfeit, offer a draw or checkmate. A player is expected to not distract the other player while he is analyzing his move and complete silence is expected where the game of chess is being played so that the players are not distracted by the noise and only focus on the board.

There are many times when the game also results in a draw. It may not always be win or loss. The draw is decided on mutual grounds, if one player offers a draw and the other agrees with it so the game is considered a draw.

Though chess seems like a dying game in most of the countries with the idea of fun games for kids being only angry birds and subway surfers. There are a lot of chess clubs for chess lovers. In one country Armenia, the chess has been made mandatory part of school syllabus. According to them, chess helps in enhancing various skills like leadership skills, decision-making, responsibility and logic and world needs more people that can make right decisions. We definitely agree! Way to go Armenia!


Chess is not limited to a particular age. You do not have to of a particular, height, weight or an age to play chess, even a 6 year old can play chess and so can an 80 year old. Doesn’t matter? All you need are some smart moves.


Chess is an international game; it is not limited to a particular language. As the game of chess does not include a lot of speaking, it can be played with anyone. You do not even need an interpreter. Chess is said to have mended cultural boundaries and celebrate intelligence and skill.

Lastly to quote Benjamin Franklin “ The Game of Chess is not merely an idle amusement, several very valuable qualities of the mind, useful in the course of human life, are to be acquired and strengthened by it , so as to become habits ready on all occasions, for life is a kind of chess, In which we have often points to gain, and competitors and adversaries to contend with and in which there is a vast variety of good and ill events , that are in some degree , the effect of prudence or the want of it”.


So don’t wait up! Grab a board and play away!

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