Convenient chess classes in 4 Massachusets locations.

Offering multiple skill levels 

Play  at our tournament in Newton. Sundays  9:00 am to 12:30 pm 

Registration closes on Saturdays

No same day registration. 

Sunday Games

Come over on Sunday from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm and join a group of kids and adults playing chess.  


After class is over, students can review the topic online, practice with puzzles and worksheets, and review class video about the subject

pawn level

Students in the Pawn Level are introduced to the game of chess, how pieces move & capture, chess rules, and how to start & finish a game successfully. While learning how the pieces move, students learn key strategies of each piece which helps avoid developing bad habits, thus building a solid foundation for success in chess and life.


Bishop Level

Students in the Bishop Level learn to create plans, identify targets and goals, gain an understanding of piece relationships, look three moves ahead, calculate variations, and consider their opponent’s defense. All of this is helping a student learn the essentials of basic planning, whether in life or chess.


Thank you for your interest in our chess program. 

Our philosophy is that Chess helps students develop important life skills that are useful both inside and outside the classroom. These skills include planning, goal setting, spatial awareness, sportsmanship, critical thinking, and more. The goal of NECS is to build champions in the classroom and the community.


 Current promotion is a one month trial of our chess classes for only $50.00. With a large choice of classes and locations, we are confident that you will be able to find one that works for your young chess player. 

You can pick from Pawn and Bishop Levels.

To register for other programs please use our regular class registration system. 

One activity can develop these important traits 

Analytical thinking 

React quickly to changing conditions 

Ability to plan

Critical thinking

Strong concentration skills

Leadership skills

Build confidence 

132 Charles St. Suite 203 Newton, MA 02466 

Quick,  yet smart decision-making


Ability to solve problems 

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